ADHD ADD Concentration Problems

ADHD and ADD are not deficits of concentration or attention, it is just badly spread out. In other words, you are amazing at hyperfocus when you are able to focus. Hyperfocusing in ADHD and ADD can be a problem, but it can also be positive. ADHD can be a super power! It can actually help with revising etc if recognised. Unfortunately, children with ADHD may have problems sitting and concentrating in school. They may have problems revising and studying and organising their day. ADD (without the hyperactivity) children may be day dreamy and seem lazy.

ADHD ADD Concentration Help

Hypnotherapy accesses the automatic learning part of the mind, so that improvements can be made in spreading out concentration and most importantly improving confidence. Confidence building is imperative with ADHD. Children may have been told they are lazy or disruptive. Consequently they will have negative internal language. Hypnotherapy is excellent at helping the mind change this negative internal language.

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