Child PTSD

Complex PTSD

What is classed as childhood abuse or complex PTSD? Surprisingly it may not be what you expect. Most people think of the most serious of cases like sexual abuse or severe violence, but there are many other ways a child can suffer from trauma in their younger years or older.

If a child has suffered from long term emotional abuse or feeling unsafe and unloved for most of their childhood, then this is classed as trauma (complex). Maybe one of their parents was an alcoholic. Perhaps they witnessed their parents arguing and hitting each other. Maybe a close relative died; like a sibling or parent. A child who has stayed overnight in a hospital could also suffer from trauma symptoms (PTSD) due to feelings of abandonment or they may have suffered trauma from the excessive tests and operations.

EMDR for Complex PTSD

Eye movements desensitisation and reprocessing is fully researched and can help sufferers recover from symptoms left behind by historical abuse; like anxiety and physical symptoms. This treatment is not like counselling and is not classed as talking therapy. There is some evidence that counselling can make things worse. EMDR is more suitable if this has been the case in the past.

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