Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria – RSD


Rejection sensitivity dysphoria is recognised as a condition that can occur along with ADHD and or OCD. Most of us feel hurt if we feel rejected or someone says something negative about us or to us. But with RSD this is heightened and sufferers will feel the pain of rejection more severely. They may even exaggerate and ruminate about what has happened. When looking at the brain, the hurt experienced by rejection is actually felt as physical pain. The RSD can cause the individual to avoid doing something for fear of failure or rejection. These feelings can feel very severe and so they will avoid this at any cost. It is also written that RSD can cause the individual into a people pleaser. They become a people pleaser, as they don’t want to feel unliked or rejected, so they people please as a consequence.

Increase Confidence

It is useful and helpful to increase self-esteem and confidence for anyone suffering from RSD. This can be done with hypnotherapy and any trauma caused by bullying, which will be felt more severely if you have RSD, can be alleviated with EMDR. Mindfulness is very helpful for this condition. It changes the brain in such a way that the individual is more able to keep their thoughts where they want them to be. Mindfulness also teaches the individual self compassion which can be very low in someone with RSD.