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Having a flying phobia is life changing as it can affect your social life and career prospects. Each individual’s fear of flying maybe different. It could be that you don’t like it when the doors shut, or you don’t like take off or perhaps you don’t like using the toilet on the plane. You may also worry about being sick or having diarrhoea. Consequently each person requires a bespoke hypnotherapy session. Many people feel guilty about having a fear of flying. This is because it can prevent the rest of the family from holidaying abroad or enjoying their holiday.

How many hypnotherapy sessions?

Most flying phobias can be dealt with within 2 sessions. The treatment is bespoke because everyone has different reasons for not liking flying. The bespoke session is recorded for the client to continue to listen to ensure long term change. Clients are also given easy coping strategies to deal with any anxiety that they may have while flying. This provides the client with confidence that they can cope in any situation. Just imagine how much money you would save. No more cancelling flights at the last minute at a huge cost.





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