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Approximately 19% of neurological cases in the UK can be described as FND. This is quite shocking when there is no known cure and hardly any research into this condition. Individuals with FND can feel as if no one believes them and they usually will have spent months having tests to be then told that there is ‘nothing wrong’ and there is no available treatment. Many will have disabilities but no help or information about how to deal with them. Consequently their mental health will decrease even more at the way they are treated by the medical profession. See my article here: FND

Treatment for FND with Hypnosis and EMDR

Hypnotherapy and EMDR combined can eliminate symptoms like non-epileptic seizures and other FND common symptoms. There is research EMDR research to support this now. Treatment online or face to face is available. It is difficult to state how many sessions of hypnosis and EMDR is necessary, but the average is 15.

Hypermobility, Neurodiversity and FND

Dawn has identified that many people with FND are either neurodiverse and or hypermobile and there is now research to support this also. It must noted that many GP’s and even consultants maybe unaware of this recent research.





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