Hypnotherapy and EMDR - What are they used for?
Is Hypnotherapy and EMDR Safe?

Hypnotherapy and EMDR is practiced all over the world and respected by the medical profession.  I often get asked, what can you treat?   And the answer is everything (almost).   Examples include phobias, weight loss, bed wetting, smoking, anxiety, panic, PTSD, bereavement, confidence and improving self esteem.

Habits are unconscious; as are most things.  Because of this hypnotherapy can teach the part of our mind that stores habits to change its behaviour.  Consequently changing the way we see, feel and react to the world around us.

EMDR (see EMDR page) is a great partner to hypnotherapy.   It too changes things in the unconscious part of our mind.

Hypnotherapy and EMDR are safe and EMDR, in particular, is well documented and researched.  Everyone can be hypnotised, but there is only 10% of the population that go into trance deeply immediately.  Everyone else gets better each time they practice it.

So whatever you problem, what is there to lose?  Most people are amazed at how quickly they can relax with hynosis, or how amazing EMDR is at clearing past trauma.  You can move forward in your life and leave negative experiences and behaviours where they belong - in the past.  I witness it every day, and it still amazes!