Attachment disorder

What is attachment disorder and how can EMDR help? Attachment to our care giver while growing up is crucial in our development. It is important we feel safe in our childhood but it is also important that our mother conveyed something called ‘mind-mindedness’. ‘Mind-mindedness’ was found in research to be when a mother does not just feed and clothe us but treats us as if we are a living feeling being with emotions. The prognosis for attachment problems in adults has not always been a positive one. Fortunately, with the use of EMDR it is now possible to improve attachment disorders.

How does Attachment EMDR work?

EMDR stimulates the left and right hand side of the brain to integrate memories and it is possible to take negative out and put good in. If you would like to know more on this subject, I offer free 30 minute appointment to come and see me, which I highly recommend.