Bereavement and Grief

When we hear the word bereavement we usually mean losing someone we care for. The pain we feel when we suffer grief is tangible and we now know this can be experienced as actual pain. Losing someone or a pet suddenly as opposed to knowing when they will die, will be felt differently. Losing someone while we feel angry at them can mean we struggle with our grief.

There are several stages of grief, but we all have different ways and times to go through this period. We can’t avoid the pain we are going through, but hypnotherapy and EMDR can help you through this necessary process.

Types of Loss

We can suffer similar symptoms to bereavement when we lose something in our life that meant something important to us. It could be our health, independence or it could be a divorce. When the future we envisaged is taken away, we can feel afraid of what the future may hold. Sometimes we need help through this difficult transition in our lives so that we can feel optimistic and positive about the future. Hypnotherapy and EMDR can help us process our loss and help us move forward.

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