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Domestic Abuse/Violence

Are you the victim of domestic abuse?  Sadly you may be left with anxiety and confidence issues. Unfortunately, victims can experience symptoms similar to those of PTSD.   Impacting on sleep and daily life.  Fortunately, effective therapy is available.  We know EMDR, hypnotherapy and mindfulness together can reduce symptoms and improve confidence.  EMDR and mindfulness have been shown to reduce symptoms.

If you want to know more about the signs and symptoms see:  Victim Support.

Treatment for Domestic Abuse

Treatment is always at the speed the client is comfortable with.  Of course everything is strictly private and confidential.  And Hypnotherapy is pleasant and you can’t do it wrong.   For more information on EMDR please see my web page.

Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness

If you are suffering from PTSD,  mindfulness should be approached with caution.  This is because you may experience flashbacks.  But you be guided through this process.  Consequently managing your anxiety during flashbacks.   This can help you enjoy mindfulness and it’s many benefits.

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