FND Therapy

Published Article on FND

FND – Functional neurological disorder is seen regularly in Neurology Departments. It is thought to be a malfunction of the nervous system. Clinical tests like MRI scans etc will be normal.    Every case of FND is different but symptoms can include:

Similar Conditions:

  • Conversion illness
  • Somatisation

Can trauma cause FND? 

The Psychologist, Freud was one of the first psychologists to note that trauma could cause physical symptoms. FND can be the result of some sort of trauma, The trauma then causes the nervous system to somehow function incorrectly.

Post traumatic stress disorder is explained as being caused by an incident of danger where we feel we cannot escape. The fight or flight energy gets trapped in the body.

EMDR and Hypnotherapy for FND

Treatment, unfortunately, is limited in the NHS. Waiting lists are long and there are few specialist facilities. Fortunately, treatments that have been proven to help FND are hypnotherapy and EMDRHypnotherapy helps by releasing the trauma from the mind and body. EMDR integrates memories of the trauma. Consequently, the mind and body can return to calm and safety.

What is it like living with FND?

The FND sufferer knows how real their symptoms are, but someone is telling them that there is nothing physically wrong. Consequently, sufferers can feel very isolated, and if no one believes them. If you have FND, you may not be offered much in the way of treatment.

If you are trying to manage the symptoms of FND then working with a hypnotherapist and EMDR specialist may be of benefit to you.