School refusal is higher now than before covid (up to 40%). The government and local authorities are struggling to cope.

There can be various reasons why children struggle with going to school. This can be due to bullying but also severe anxiety and possibly even autism, ADHD and or OCD and dyslexia. Children who are neurodiverse are usually sensitive to smells, sounds, etc and find school overwhelming. This causes them to have higher anxiety levels which cause uncomfortable sensations in their body. Thus making them want to avoid situations that cause this.

ADHD and School Refusal

Children with ADHD may find it difficult to remain in school due to overwhelm. This can be caused by boredom in class, focus problems and difficulty following instructions or even rejection sensitivity dysphoria type feelings.

Hypnosis and EMDR for School Refusal

Used together hypnosis and EMDR can reduce anxiety and increase positive thinking. It is then possible to increase confidence and eventually get the child to visualise themselves in school. Each session is recorded for the child to listen at home. This ensures that learning leads to neural plasticity and permanent change.





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