Public speaking Confidence


Public speaking confidence can help with interviews, presentations, oral examinations and using the telephone.  As many careers involve public speaking, now is the time to enhance your confidence in this area.  You can improve your chances at career progression.  Bringing you more enjoyment in your job.  Rather than dreading every day.  We can train our mind’s to be more confident.

Our confidence in this area can be affected by past experience.  Maybe a comment made by someone else.  Something that was meant to be a joke, but it affected you.  This could go back to your childhood or University.  Then we become less confident about our abilities.  We go into fight or flight as we get up to speak.  Consequently, this can affect our voice.  Or we can even forget what we want to say.  A bit like ‘stage fright’.


Hypnotherapy is safe and relaxing.  When you are relaxed, your learning mind opens up.  It is possible to re-programme your thinking.  Turning you into a more confident public speaker.  I offer a 30 minute free appointment to meet me and discuss treatment options.  Join all my satisfied customers.

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