Teeth Clenching


You maybe reading this because your dentist said you clench your teeth?  And unfortunately, it can lead to severe pain and teeth damage.

Sufferers usually notice they have temple headaches or neck pain.  This may also include sensitive teeth and jaw ache.

Dentists will usually suggest a gum shield.   Unfortunately, though, this only prevents damage to your teeth.  Consequently, pain can continue until the habit is stopped.


Commonly patients will get referred to a hypnotherapist.  This is because this behaviour is subconscious.  Consequently, the automatic mind needs to learn to relax the jaw, especially at night.   Treatment with hypnosis can be very effective.

Hypnotherapy treatment for this condition is fairly straight forward and sometimes only one session is necessary.


  • Pain that may seem like an earache
  • teeth are worn down on one side
  • chipped teeth
  • dull headache in temples
  • tired or tight jaw
  • tooth sensitivity
  • sore jaw, face or ear
  • partner informs you they can hear you grinding your teeth
  • tightness or stiffness of the shoulders

If you are suffering from several of the above symptoms, you may have this problem.  Your Dentist will be able to confirm this diagnosis.

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