Bedwetting affects nearly 10% of children over 9 years and up to 2% of over 16 year olds.  Fortunately, this problem is very responsive to hypnotherapy. Treatment focuses on training the subconscious to recognise the signals coming from the bladder.  It can also teach your child to sleep lighter!  It is fun and pleasant and easy to do.

I am currently the only Hypnotherapist recommended by Alder Hey Children’s Hospital for their resistant cases of bedwetting and other urological problems.  These include sensitive bladder, small bladder as well as urological pain.  If the bedwetting is due to trauma anxiety, then hypnotherapy is also suitable.


  • Slow development of the regulatory system
  • Small Functional bladder capacity
  • Physical problem
  • Emotional Stress
  • Habit and Mindset
  • Deep Sleeper

Expert Tips for a dry night and reduce bed wetting in children

It has been shown that using a mattress protector instead of protective pants can help the child become dry. It’s absolutely crucial for your child’s body to learn the difference between wet and dry.

Check that they aren’t constipated since a full bowel can press on the bladder and increase the urge to urinate

Check that they drink plenty of water during the day and restrict fluids after their evening meal. Offer just sips of water if they are still thirsty. Over-concentrated urine can stimulate the bladder; another reason to drink in the daytime.

Avoid caffeine-containing drinks such as tea, coffee or fizzy drinks.

Ensure that your child goes to the bathroom the very last thing before sleep.

Leave a light on if there is the slightest anxiety concerning the dark, so that they can get up and walk to the bathroom easily during the night. (Remember that your child may sometimes deny they are scared of the dark just to save face).

Encourage them to help with changing the sheets if they are old enough.  They will feel more involved in trying to help with the problem and be less likely to think that you are annoyed with them because of all the extra work they are causing you. Never punish a child for wetting the bed.

Hypnotherapy for bedwetting in Warrington, Cheshire and Rodney Street, Liverpool, Merseyside.  For further information on your child’s bedwetting problems, please give me a call 07910740711 email:   I offer a Free 30 minute appointment to discuss treatment.