What is EMDR?

EMDR Treatment Adults Children

What is EMDR treatment?

EMDR treatment or eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing is fully researched. Because of this, EMDR is widely used for the treatment of PTSD and is thought to be similar to REM (rapid eye movement sleep). And REM sleep can help us to overcome upsetting events in our minds. Unfortunately, we may not sleep well after a traumatic event.

It is possible to overcome PTSD. EMDR has been found to do this effectively. EMDR can also treat anxiety and bereavement.

There was no effective treatment for PTSD until 1987. Before EMDR, hypnosis was the only treatment that helped with the symptoms of PTSD. In the first world war, hypnosis was used by the Psychologist Freud. Because he understood that the problem lay within the subconscious.

There has been a great deal of study and research done on PTSD. This has led scientists to the conclusion that EMDR used in conjunction with other treatments like hypnosis, CBT and mindfulness can help suffers overcome it. The memories are not removed, but they are helped to feel in the past.


Eye movement desensitisation and repocessing treatment session

The patient is always helped to feel safe and in control. The therapy sessions go at the speed the patient is comfortable with and then they will be asked to follow, with their eyes, a moving hand, etc. whilst thinking of certain feelings. Other ways are used, if appropriate. At the end of the one hour session, relaxation is carried out with the patient.


EMDR can be used safely with children and can be carried out in fun and interesting ways, including hand clapping and games. The sessions are less formal than adults sessions.

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