CBT Cognitive behavioural therapy in hypnotherapy

CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) is about challenging our negative thoughts. This can be taught via hypnotherapy and can be done in lots of different ways. This is important because every thought we have creates a chemical or electrical reaction. These chemicals change how we see the world and change our internal conditions. For example fast heartbeat and energy to our muscles. Cognitive behavioural therapy is evidence based and used regularly by the medical profession.

When we challenge negative thoughts and think more positively, we clear our minds and bodies of cortisol and adrenaline. Consequently, we feel less anxious and depressed and more in control. It can be used to treat OCD, panic attacks, anxiety, addictions; the list is endless.

When we learn CBT as a talking therapy, the information is not going directly to our learning mind. This means challenging negative thoughts consciously, which can be difficult. If you have ever had an anxiety attack, it can seem impossible. So teaching ourselves to challenge thoughts subconsciously is a much better idea; so that we do it automatically. This is where hypnotherapy comes in! If our minds automatically challenge negative thoughts in situations where we once felt anxious, then it is easier and more natural.

Children and adults can be hypnotised and it is easy because you can’t do it wrong. You can come alone or bring a friend to support you.

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