Child sleep problems and nightmares


Is your child having sleep problems?  Maybe they can’t get off to sleep.  Or maybe they are waking up early.  Or having nightmares?

Child sleep problems can arise for all sorts of reasons.  From fear of the dark, nightmares or separation anxiety.  Whatever the problem, there usually is a solution.

The aim of treatment is to teach the mind to automatically relax at bedtime and reduce any anxiety.   All of my sessions include confidence building.  Just improving confidence can help with sleep.   Sometimes just giving a child an outlet for their worries can help.   For very young children, just one session can have a huge impact, but everyone is different.

When children sleep better at night, they perform better at school and are happier.  Whatever your child sleep problems are, give me a call to see if I can help.  FREE 30 minute appointments are available.  School flexible hours.

The recommended amount of sleep for children is 10 to 12 hours (up to 10 yrs).   So if your child is sleep deprived, give me a call so I can discuss treatment options.  call 07910740711 or 01925 445272