Cyclical vomiting syndrome

Cyclical vomiting syndrome CVS is a relatively rare condition that can affect children and adults alike. There is no known cause for this condition and no cure. CVS is when an individual has chronic vomiting of no known cause for weeks or even months. It is extremely debilitating and can consist of many prolonged hospital stays.

Suffering from CVS can cause PTSD and EMDR can help recover from this also. Due to this, I wrote an article for the Hypnotherapy Directory on this subject. There is evidence that you are more like to suffer from CVS if you are hypermobile and or ASD or ADHD. Treatment is available on line or face to face and is equally as effective.
The sessions are approximately one hour and the average is 4 sessions, but more can be provided if necessary. Each session is recorded at the time of therapy and you will be required to listen to the recordings every day between sessions. There is usually a gap of between 2 or 3 weeks between each session. Treatment is a mixture of EMDR and hypnotherapy.
If you would like more information on CVS there is a society :

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