Emetophobia or fear of sick

Emetophobia is a common phobia.  It usually starts in early childhood.   It can be a fear of oneself being sick. Or fear of someone else being sick. Or both.  Emetophobia can be a learned behavior from a parent or following a traumatic event involving vomit/sick.   Another common problem is fearing the feeling of nausea.  Because we can feel sick when anxious, this can become part of the phobia.

Emetophobia, unfortunately, can lead to avoidance of situations.  The sufferer will avoid ill people.  Or maybe avoiding eating out or situations where you once felt sick.


Fear of sick is very common in children.  This is probably due to them not understanding why they feel sick.  Consequently, their thought processes may be very irrational.  Children will avoid eating or even going to school.


If you want to overcome this phobia, then the good news is that you can.  It is possible to clear the fear with hypnosis and EMDR therapy.  How many sessions will this take?  The average is 3 even for children.   Hypnotherapy can train your mind to be calm and confident, where you once felt anxious.  As well as teaching the mind to challenge any catastrophic thoughts and replacing them with something else more pleasant, calm and confident.

Hypnotherapy and EMDR are pleasant and relaxing and you can’t do either of them wrong.