Exam anxiety, GCSE’s, Revision


Sitting exams and revising for an exam is never easy, especially GCSE’s.  It is normal for your teen or child to get anxious.  A small amount can help.  But if they are having panic attacks, insomnia or outbursts, then help is available.  If your teen is tense and anxious, then the house is too!  This becomes a vicious circle.

Hypnotherapy can help with:

– focus and concentration

– Study skills

– Feeling calm and confident

– Exam tips – all learnt subconsciously!

We know the mind learns better when it is relaxed.  Stress inhibits learning.  Just being more relaxed will help with revising for exams and taking them.  It is possible to learn key exam skills through hypnotherapy too!  

Below are a few revision tips:

Only study for 20 to 30 minutes

10 minute breaks

No phones

Writing things down, mind maps etc.

click here for more: BBC revision tips.

 The web is full of revision tips.


How can mindfulness help?  We need good focus and concentration to revise and sit an exam.  Daily mindful practice grows the part of the brain involved in focus and concentration.  It also lowers stress and anxiety.  Perfect really!  All children will be introduced to daily mindful practice; private mindful lessons are available.

Most of us will be having exams throughout life.  Consequently, the skills we learn when we are young help us with any exams in the future.  Just think about it, University, Driving Test and Job interview.  It is an important life skill.  I see adults that need help in this area too.  

Your child will be given something to listen to between sessions.  This helps with daily relaxation as well as learning the skills.  Practice makes perfect!  I offer a 30-minute appointment if your child prefers to meet me first.

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