Fussy eating or ARFID

Is your child have fussy eating or ARFID?  Getting children to eat healthy meals can seem like an impossible task at times.  And it is true that many go through that ‘fussy’ stage.  But for some children, fussy eating can be more severe.  Consequently, it can turn into a long term habit where they will only eat a small variety of foods.  Because of this, they panic at the thought of trying new foods.  Resulting in weight loss and health problems.

This can be due to a number of things like sensory processing problems or it can be caused by an incident that happened like choking etc.

Hypnotherapy can reduce anxiety and increase confidence and motivation to try new foods.   The therapy session is done in a fun and engaging way.  It also does not matter if your child cannot verbally explain why they find certain foods a problem.


  • Let your child see you eating a variety of healthy delicious foods (and enjoying it)
  • Make dinner, lunch, tea an enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere
  • Present foods more than once, as their tastes will change
  • Never reward with a pudding, as this only makes savory food seem less pleasant
  • Praise with pleasant chat or a touch on the arm. Not well done for eating that
  • Trying is a positive, not just eating it
  • Put foods they like and don’t like on the same plate
  • Don’t go on about trying things (this can be stressful for the child)
  • Remember anxiety/stress switches off the appetite
  • The family eating together in a calm and happy way

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