IBS treatment with 98% success rate

Figures reveal that at least one in four of us suffer from IBS.  Despite being classed as ‘non-serious’, it can seriously affect quality of life.  It can cause long term sickness.


These are thought to be stress, infection, antibiotics, trauma or surgy.  These can increase organ sensitivity. It is not clear why.

Types of IBS:

spastic colon syndrome”  –  this is where the colon is mostly affected. Patients with this disorder usually experience lower abdominal pain.  With pain relief on the emptying of the bowel. Patients can experience a bloated feeling and dissatisfied bowel habit, as well as mucus in the stool. Sometimes there is a frequency or constipation.

Functional diarrhoea” – There is frequency and urgency to go to the toilet.  With the passing of several stools quickly.  This is mostly first thing in the morning. Patients may fear leaving the house because of the urgency.  Their life may revolve around knowing where the toilet is.

primary motility disorder of the foregut” – unfortunately, this mostly affects women. There is abdominal pain, often right sided.  With bloating and feeling full after eating the smallest amount of food.  There may be nausea and consequently loss of appetite.  However, bowel habit can be normal.


Doctors believe that there is an emotional link to IBS. When we are nervous, we feel this in our stomachs.  This is a good example of how our mind and body are linked.

Twenty years ago, a hypnotherapy method was researched and the results were astonishing.   Amazingly 98% of the people who had the treatment received a positive result!  This is the only IBS hypnosis in the UK that has been researched.  This includes 5 sessions over 3 months.

Our mind is more open to receiving ideas when in trance.  It is possible to promote positive thoughts and healing. During a normal day, the link between the conscious and subconscious mind is closed.   Hypnotherapy opens the mind to new learning.


Due to the research, NICE guidelines include hypnotherapy in one of its top five recommendations.   Hypnosis for IBS has the potential to enable the patient to cope with their symptoms, with long term effects. This view was supported by evidence in children with IBS, which showed that hypnotherapy is effective as a first-line therapy.

Want more information? – then take a look at the IBS Hypnotherapists Register. www.ibsregister.com

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