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Hypnotherapy works by accessing the learning part of the mind (subconscious) where we learn to do things automatically. This part of our brain learns much quicker when we are relaxed and focused. This has been proven by science and can be described as neuroplasticity as we can learn to do all sorts of things WE want to do. Hypnotherapy for Adults and Children is completely safe. Each bespoke session is recorded at the time of the session so that the client can listen every day until their next session. Consequently, the client will require less sessions. Any hypnotherapist that is not doing this, is not aware of research done in this area or the process of neuroplasticity and how this happens.

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About Dawn


So you want to know about Dawn (me). I am not used to talking about me, but here goes. I came to become a Hypnotherapist after working in the NHS for 20 years. Some years after becoming an advanced clinical hypnotherapist for adults and children I added EMDR, Psychotherapy and  Mindfulness to my skills. This was because so many of my clients had PTSD and I wanted to help them.

I am proudly neurodivergent. This, I believe, helps me work with my neurodivergent clients, of which there are many.

I now work with children and adults all over the UK, specialising in conditions that are rare including Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome, Functional Neurological Disorder, and Selective Mutism. I have been featured in national newspapers, Radio and European TV.  I also treat many children for school refusal anxiety and bedwetting.

Prices online are 100 pounds and 120 in person.  There is a discount for NHS staff or any Civil Servant including Teachers.   I also provide a discount for students and individuals receiving universal credit.  Please email for details.  There is no difference in effectiveness with online sessions and face to face.

About my experience and attributes:

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About Lauren


Lauren Miller has worked in Mental health for nearly a decade. Impressively Lauren has a degree in psychology and mental health nursing, which is a rare thing. She has also now added EMDR and hypnotherapy to her impressive CV! Consequently, she has a vast knowledge of mental health conditions academically and on a one-to-one basis with patients. Lauren has spent much of her mental health nursing treating suicidal and borderline personality disorders in the private sector.

I have had the pleasure of sharing some of my hypnotherapy methods with Lauren, especially in weight loss, IBS and bedwetting. Lauren has also received training for child hypnotherapy from Lynda Hudson, the world-famous child hypnotherapist and by myself, as I have 15 years of experience in working with children and was originally trained by Lynda myself.