Insomnia & Sleep Problems


Insomnia and sleep problems affect a third of the population.  And when you consider how important sleep is to our well being.  This is rather worrying.

Trance is actually that time just before sleep and very deep trance is sleepwalking.  Consequently, the two are very closely linked, so hypnotherapy is an excellent way to re-programme your sleep!

It is possible to teach our minds to switch off at night.  As well as respond to natural signals for sleep.  This leaves night time for sleep.  Consequently, allowing you to drift off to sleep easily.

If your problem is waking up in the middle of the night.  Or not being able to get back off to sleep.  This can also be remedied.  Once again training the mind to do this easily and automatically.

Hypnotherapy can also help with waking up early, nightmares and sleepwalking!  It is pleasant, safe and effective.

It is always a good idea to check your sleep hygiene.  Sometimes the problem can be a simple one.  Here are 10 tips to beat insomnia.

If your life is being affected by insomnia/sleep problems, then contact me for a free 30 minute appointment to see how hypnotherapy can help you.