Pain Management


Management of pain is possible with EMDR and Hypnotherapy.  Pain has many elements. Tension is certainly an aspect that increases the perception of pain.  When patients are taught how to relax, they often experience much less discomfort.

Sometimes it is helpful for patients to explore the origins of pain.  Once this has been done, many people feel able to be free of the pain or at least tolerate it better.


Hypnotherapy can train the mind into letting go of experienced pain.  We know that if we expect pain, the pain experienced will be stronger.  Therefore, helping a client change their expectations can have a beneficial effect.  The patient can be trained to be more outwardly focused.  Consequently not focusing on the pain.

Very often pain will be affected by emotion too, for example fear, anxiety, anger, resentment, sadness or grief.  A person may be grieving for loss of health, career, lifestyle or indeed potential loss of life itself.  Naturally, this would impact on their perception of the pain.  As well as their ability to tolerate it.  Being more relaxed and having a more positive outlook helps us deal with pain.


I have come across quite a few cases of pain that remained following surgery, or an accident etc.  This could be described as PTSD.  I have seen these symptoms leave the body and mind before my very eyes.  EMDR processes past traumas and can clear physical symptoms.

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