Phobias and fears cause us to go into fight or flight.  Consequently, our thoughts are irrational.  They may be learned or due to past negative experiences.  Our minds are just trying to help us.

The most common fear I treat is the fear of flying.  The good news is that this phobia or any other does not have to hold you back. Your mind is amazing and so are you!  


Our minds cannot tell the difference between something imagined and something real. It is, therefore, possible to train your mind to deal with things in a calm and confident way.  This can be achieved for ANY phobia or fear.  Hypnosis is easy and pleasant and you can’t do it wrong.  The sessions are completely confidential.


If a phobia is due to a traumatic past experience, then EMDR can help.  It can help the mind process this past experience.  Consequently lessening the fear surrounding it.  Hypnotherapy will be used in conjunction with the EMDR.  Achieving the best possible outcome.