Selective mutism/speech problems


Selective mutism can affect children of all ages.  But it usually begins at the age of 4 or 5.  It is generally accepted that this problem stems from anxiety. It is possible to overcome selective mutism with hypnotherapy.


Children will not be able to tell you why they can’t talk.  It can feel like their throats are frozen (a bit like stage fright).  They just know they can’t.

The aim of treatment is to reduce anxiety and increase confidence.   It is also possible to practice talking.  All done in the hypnosis of course.  As the mind cannot tell the difference between something imagined and real.  All sessions are fun and interesting.

It is NOT a problem that your child cannot speak to me.  There will be no pressure to do this in the treatment sessions. Parents are encouraged to stay in the session.  Consequently, children will feel safe and relaxed.

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