Weight loss & Gastric band


You are reading this because you are considering weight loss or Gastric Band Hypnotherapy.  Most of us have tried diet after diet and when it is finished, you eventually regain all the weight and you are back where you started from. This is because your relationship with food has not changed.  To maintain a healthy weight, you need to change for life. Unfortunately, our subconscious will have learned behaviour embedded from our childhood, etc. like “don’t waste food” and “clear your plate”. You may use food emotionally or you may overeat because of boredom or stress in your life. You may eat too fast and don’t give your stomach the chance to know it is full.

Diets don’t change your relationship with food, but hypnotherapy can. Hypnotherapy for weight loss can help to change your negative eating patterns and the reasons around this.  There are tips and advice given along the way too!


Obesity is on the increase and it can increase our risk of Type II Diabetes, Cancer (several different types have been linked), Arthritis (due to extra weight on joints), Heart disease, High cholesterol, High blood pressure, Dementia, Infertility.

All of the above causing an increase in mortality and morbidity rates in the population. It not only affects our quality of life, but costs the NHS billions of pounds every year. So in short, getting fit and healthy benefits us all and losing weight and being healthy will show your children in the long term how to live a happy healthy life.   So go for it!!! Healthy does not have to be boring.

If you are unsure if you need to lose weight then log onto the NHS website which has a BMI calculator.