ADHD and ADD in Children

ADHD usually gets diagnosed while a child is a school. This is probably due to the fact that children are expected to sit still and concentrate for long periods. Consequently children with ADHD impulsivity and hyperactivity get diagnosed more quickly. Unfortunately children with the inattentive form can get missed. They may appear quiet and in a day dream most of the time, but they do struggle with their attention.

Super Power

Children with ADHD are great at hyperfocus when they are interested in something. In other words they can focus far longer and deeper than anyone without ADHD – they just have to find it interesting. This can he a help and a hindrance. Knowing how to manage this super power is important.

Hypnotherapy and ADHD

Hypnotherapy can help with focus when needed and reduce anxiety. Children with ADHD inevitably have low self-esteem. Maybe they have been told off a lot. They may think they are unintelligent. All these areas can be improved on.

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