Stop Smoking

STOP SMOKING HYPNOTHERAPY People trust stop smoking hypnotherapy.  We all know someone who achieved this with the help of hypnosis.  It is a great way to help you achieve your dream of freedom.  The day you stop smoking will rate as one of the biggest achievements in your life.   Cigarettes are damaging to you and […]

Insomnia & Sleep Problems

INSOMNIA AND SLEEP PROBLEMS Insomnia and sleep problems affect a third of the population.  And when you consider how important sleep is to our well being.  This is rather worrying. Trance is actually that time just before sleep and very deep trance is sleepwalking.  Consequently, the two are very closely linked, so hypnotherapy is an excellent […]

Domestic Abuse – Treatment

DOMESTIC ABUSE/VIOLENCE Are you the victim of domestic abuse?  Sadly you may be left with anxiety and confidence issues. Unfortunately, victims can experience symptoms similar to those of PTSD.   Impacting on sleep and daily life.  Fortunately, effective therapy is available.  We know EMDR, hypnotherapy and mindfulness together can reduce symptoms and improve confidence.  EMDR and mindfulness […]

Anxiety & Panic

ANXIETY AND PANIC We have all experienced anxiety or even panic. In fact, it is normal to feel apprehensive when faced with a new experience.  Your mind and body are keeping you safe. When anxiety is severe it can disrupt your day-to-day life.  It can prevent us from going out or doing the things we […]

Functional neurological disorder

FND THERAPY Published Article on FND FND – Functional neurological disorder is seen regularly in Neurology Departments. It is thought to be a malfunction of the nervous system. This can be caused by high levels of stress chemicals in the body. There is evidence that people who are ASD/ADHD and who may also have hypermobility […]


HELP FOR ADDICTION  An addiction is something you feel a very strong need to do on a regular basis.  It may be interfering with your everyday life and perhaps the lives of your family. Your subconscious learned to have this addiction.  For whatever reason, it thought it was helping you.   Consequently, the subconscious can unlearn […]

Weight loss & Gastric band

LOSING WEIGHT WITH HYPNOTHERAPY You are reading this because you are considering weight loss or Gastric Band Hypnotherapy.  Most of us have tried diet after diet and when it is finished, you eventually regain all the weight and you are back where you started from. This is because your relationship with food has not changed.  To maintain […]

Teeth Clenching

TEETH CLENCHING/BRUXISM You maybe reading this because your dentist said you clench your teeth?  And unfortunately, it can lead to severe pain and teeth damage. Sufferers usually notice they have temple headaches or neck pain.  This may also include sensitive teeth and jaw ache. Dentists will usually suggest a gum shield.   Unfortunately, though, this only […]

Public speaking Confidence

PUBLIC SPEAKING WITH CONFIDENCE Public speaking confidence can help with interviews, presentations, oral examinations and using the telephone.  As many careers involve public speaking, now is the time to enhance your confidence in this area.  You can improve your chances at career progression.  Bringing you more enjoyment in your job.  Rather than dreading every day.  We can […]

Post traumatic stress disorder PTSD

POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER (PTSD) Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a chronic mental stress.  This can be caused by severe psychological shock.  Sufferers may or may not have all the symptoms of PTSD.  These include avoidance, numbness, anxiety, insomnia, and flashbacks. Normally following a trauma, the flight or flight response should be switched off.   PTSD […]