School refusal

School refusal can be described as a child refusing to go to school full time or at all.  According to latest government figures, school refusal has increased by 50% since COVID (DeE, 2023).   There can be several reasons for this including anxiety and it could be argued, a lack of mental health support in the […]

Anxiety and Panic Attacks in Children

Unfortunately, children can feel traumatised after suffering a panic attack or anxiety.  This maybe because they don’t understand their symptoms. And they may be convinced they are going to be sick. As a consequence, they can become obsessed with this.  They may even deny having any worries or fears.  Common problems include social, emetophobia, and […]

Stomach pain ache in children

If your child is getting regular stomach pain, then it is important to take them to see the GP.  If there is nothing wrong physically, then the problem may be due to anxiety. We are all aware that if we feel anxious or nervous, then we get ‘butterflies’ or we feel nauseous.  With some individuals, […]

Self harming

If your child or you are self harming, then there is help.  According to experts, this problem is on the increase.  Or maybe we now talk about it more? This condition is the result of an individual struggling with emotions and distress.   Even though it is difficult for non-suffers to understand.  It is a protective […]

Selective mutism/speech problems

SELECTIVE MUTISM Selective mutism can affect children of all ages.  But it usually begins at the age of 4 or 5.  It is generally accepted that this problem stems from anxiety. It is possible to overcome selective mutism with hypnotherapy. HYPNOSIS TREATMENT Children will not be able to tell you why they can’t talk.  It […]

Oppositional defiant disorder

OPPOSITIONAL DEFIANT DISORDER (ODD) ODD or oppositional defiant disorders affects approximately 5% of the population.  Unfortunately, experts disagree as to the causes of this condition.  Some believe that the cause is genetic because it seems to run in families.  While others believe that it is a learned behavior. Children with ODD seem to have a […]

Fussy eating or ARFID

Is your child have fussy eating or ARFID?  Getting children to eat healthy meals can seem like an impossible task at times.  And it is true that many go through that ‘fussy’ stage.  But for some children, fussy eating can be more severe.  Consequently, it can turn into a long term habit where they will […]

Exam anxiety, GCSE’s, Revision

EXAM CONFIDENCE Sitting exams and revising for an exam is never easy, especially GCSE’s.  It is normal for your teen or child to get anxious.  A small amount can help.  But if they are having panic attacks, insomnia or outbursts, then help is available.  If your teen is tense and anxious, then the house is too!  […]

Confidence building in children

CONFIDENCE BUILDING Confidence building for children is essential.  Sometimes children who seem confident, may not be.  Or maybe they are confident at one thing and not at another.  Some are their own worst critic.  Putting pressure on themselves to achieve perfection.  Perhaps they have been bullied or are sensitive to things said by others.  Whatever the reason, […]

Child sleep problems and nightmares

SLEEP PROBLEMS AND NIGHTMARES Is your child having sleep problems?  Maybe they can’t get off to sleep.  Or maybe they are waking up early.  Or having nightmares? Child sleep problems can arise for all sorts of reasons.  From fear of the dark, nightmares or separation anxiety.  Whatever the problem, there usually is a solution. The […]